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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks & Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a selection of recent comments below. To see a selection of earlier in 2016 & 2015, please click here or to see more recent comments, click here

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Your Stories

12th March 2016, Mrs Diane D, Herefordshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Would like to get out of contract and get our purchase money and fees back. Have been members since 2003"

10th March 2016, Mrs Penelope E, Staffordshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I am unable to book holidays at a place and date of my choice. I now have an excess of points and will lose some of them at the end of the year. This makes me realise I am paying for nothing. I want to get out of my contract."

10th March 2016, Mr Barrington G, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"CLC is very disingenuous in their behaviour and is only interested in profits while their standards and services is in free fall. The annual maintenance fees is a total rip-off"

9th March 2016, Mr John D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have fixed weeks. Am I able to cancel my timeshare weeks and make a claim, after the recent court ruling in Spain?"

8th March 2016, Mr John W, Gwynedd - Club Heritage Resorts International

"In November 2008 we were totally mis-sold a timeshare by Club Heritage Resorts. The timeshare was purchased on a part exchange for a timeshare we had with Westgate Lakes in Florida that we could no longer use, due to health issues, PLUS a payment of £6,200 (taken via a Barclays Loan that we paid up on our return to the UK a short while later). At the time we thought it a very steep price to pay, bearing in mind they would have a far better week in high season, but under pressure we agreed, and they issued us with a letter stating that they would take over the maintenance payments to Westgate Lake from 2009. We sent a copy of this agreement to Westgate Lakes to inform them that the timeshare had been taken over from us by Club Heritage Resorts, but heard nothing from them.

Since then, we have been hounded by Westgate Lakes, demanding maintenance payments which were NEVER paid, as promised by Heritage in writing as part of the trade-in. All they would say, was that they were taking care of it and not to worry…

We told Heritage that, because they had reneged on the contract, had not ever paid any monies owing to Westgate Lakes in Florida or transferred the ownership, and had lied about numerous aspects of the deal (the membership did not satisfy ANY of our requirements, as promised), that we would no longer be paying any maintenance to Club Heritage Resorts.

Needless to say, the demands continued annually from Club Heritage Resorts. We have not paid any of the Club Heritage Resorts maintenance payment demands, since they reneged on the payments to Westgate Lakes in Florida, we would be grateful for any advice you can give us in this situation. Currently we owe £3,012.77 in arrears payments including late-payment surcharges and administration costs.

We would like any advice you can give us, as to whether we have a case for ending this contract without any further obligations, or even a refund of our original payment. My health is deteriorating, so I need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible so that it is not a continued financial threat to my family in the future.

Thank you in anticipation."

7th March 2016, Mr T C, Essex - Petchey/MGM Infiniti Points

"States on certificate that we have 44500 points final points use year (In Perpetuity). Certificate is dated 18/12/2007. Please can you tell us our legal rights?"

7th March 2016, Mrs P B, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"We own points with Diamond resorts which I would like to be released from."

7th March 2016, Mr Gilmour W, Ayrshire - MacDonald Resorts Fixed Week

"Macdonalds called a meeting last Friday with only one agenda for consideration. Would we stay with fixed weeks and ownership in perpetuity or move to a points system where there is an opt out by paying £2,000 for every week owned.

The vote was carried in Macdonald's favour as many of us are elderly and we don't want to pass the problem on to our young. We have until 30th April to make up our minds for this year or continue as previously occupying our original apartment for two years when we have another opportunity to buy ourselves out. Thereafter we have the opportunity every two years but they might take our apartment out of the system and offer another apartment which they consider of equivalent value. After a period of 10 years we are free to opt out without charge.

The problem is that 10 years is a long time when you are over 70. I think many of us would be prepared to pass the apartments back to Macdonald's for nothing reflecting many years of happy holidays, but the idea of having to pay to get out of something you own is very annoying."

7th March 2016, Mr John N, Surrey - De Vere Resorts Fixed Week

"Seeking to exit our in perpetuity contract"

7th March 2016, Mrs Victoria H, Staffordshire - Calypso Cay, Kissimmee

"I think we just want to be rid of it really! But possibly we could qualify for compensation. We certainly want to stop paying fees for something we have no further use for."

5th March 2016, Mr Ray V, Shropshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Getting divorced, can't afford payments. Help needed urgently."

4th March 2016, Mr Roy H, Hertfordshire - MacDonald Resorts Points

"Have owned weeks for many years slowly upgrading to the apartment we really wanted, now it's changed to points and our apartment is no longer in the club!"

3rd March 2016, Mr Andrew B, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts

"Would like to discuss how we can relinquish this timeshare."

2nd March 2016, Mrs Carol A, Inverness-Shire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Need advice on cancelling timeshare and claiming costs and maintenance fees back"

1st March 2016, Mr Rowan A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought a 5 week trial membership with club la costa in 2010 but cannot book any holidays due to unavailability"

1st March 2016, Mr Chris T, Wiltshire - Petchey/MGM Infiniti Points

"We have 60 VIP Points and we wish to get out of the contract and can no longer afford the maintenance. We feel we were mis-sold"

1st March 2016, Mrs Donna R, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Due to ill health I can't afford to go on holiday or the management fees now, just want out of the contract… need advice!"

1st March 2016, Mr Rob W, West Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Would like to exit CLC as the maintenance is constantly increasing."

1st March 2016, Mr David L, Wiltshire - WimPen Leisure Floating Weeks

"We have a Wimpen timeshare and we also have Compass Club, which took over from a our failed resort on Fuerteventura. We are now getting too old to enjoy them and do not wish to burden our children. Illness has prevented us using them for the last few years. What are our options for escape?"

29th February 2016, Mr David G - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I used to think CLC to be an honest company but this recent court ruling makes me think that maybe we were wrong."

27th February 2016, Dr Susan M - Seasons Floating Weeks

"Have a sleep 8, red floating week with Seasons, bought from a resale company in 2008. Since then I have divorced, children are older and the fees have risen dramatically which is a big stress each year. It has always been hard to use it when we wanted to and by now I just want to be rid of it. Please advise."

26th February 2016, Mr Jeremy A, Kent - Heritage Floating Week

"Although we were missold a floating week by Heritage as an exchange for 3 weeks at Regency Club (Tenerife) plus payment of £10,000, we are primarily interested in being released from contract."

26th February 2016, Mrs Frances B, Lancashire - Bluegreen Vacation Club

"Have 6000 points I just want to dispose of. Am not interested in upgrading or transferring to any other scheme"

26th February 2016, Mr Paul S, Club La Costa (CLC)

"I believe we have been mis-sold Timeshare and wish to learn more about claiming against CLC"

26th February 2016, Mr M D, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Stopped paying management fees 2009 due ill health. First purchased from LSI in 1991, 1 week at a Spanish resort, then converted to points via GVC in 1998. No cooling off period (14 days). Can I make a claim?"

25th February 2016, Miss Adele E - Palm Oasis Gran Canaria

"I'm in joint timeshare with my ex. We split 9 months after agreement in 1998. He has now defaulted on fees and we just want out"

25th February 2016, Mr Ebby S, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Club La Costa joint membership with my partner. We are not able to get bookings to where we want"

24th February 2016, Mr Shane M, Cambridgeshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"Please help us get out if this fractional apartment we feel they pushed us into it."

24th February 2016, Mr Colin W, West Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We purchased a timeshare option from Club La Costa, after attending an introductory meeting at their office in Hunslet Leeds. Unfortunately we do not have any paperwork regarding the contract, however we were extremely disgruntled with the service once our money was paid (in excess of £2,000). We attended a holiday complex in Tenerife with friends (short break for 4 people), there we were subjected to a full day of hard sell, during which time we did not purchase the full package as the properties were of a standard well below that advised.

We had no recourse to claim back our deposit and as such effectively lost our deposit. I have since received a call from CLC World (Club La Costa) on the evening of Tuesday 23rd February 2016 at 7.45pm stating that I had been chosen to receive 80% off a 5* holiday for 2 on the Costa Del Sol or Tenerife (our previous destination). I declined the offer being highly suspicious of the hard sell tactics once again, I was then offered a 3/4 days 5* break in Foye, Cornwall again I declined the offer.

Having since checked the company CLC World and found them to be the company who literally duped a substantial amount of cash from us, I saw your complaints process, hence I am seeking advice as to process against CLC World. Thank you."

24th February 2016, Mrs Margaret C, Hampshire - RCI Points

"I believe we were mis-sold 40,000 diversified points by BIC Leisure in Tenerife in 2009, and are interested in making a claim."

24th February 2016, Mr George M - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Just want to get out this if possible....have still 17K outstanding to pay off … plus the increasing yearly maintenance fees"

24th February 2016, Ms B R, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"The rep who sold us this timeshare did not say that we were tied in for life."

23rd February 2016, Mr Keith F, Essex - Miraflores Beach and Country Club

"Have been paying maintenance fees but resort, despite saying they have a sinking fund to cover maintenance and refurbishment, have allowed this resort to deteriate and is now needing major works undertaken. Despite their emails and letters stating what they intend to do the apartments are in serious need of refurbishment"

23rd February 2016, Mrs R J, Middlesex - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I would like to get out from CLC membership. Have paid it all off, but still paying membership fee up to £2000 every year whether I use or not. Quite desperate to get out of it, but I'm kind of stuck."

23rd February 2016, Mr William M, Renfrewshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"My wife and I purchased 40 points with GVC in June 1998. This is now 4000 points with Diamond Resorts. The annual charges increase every year and are now quite onerous (nearly £800)."

23rd February 2016, Mrs Shanti J - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Recently I went to CLC World resort Malaga as part of promotional offer. Then they said there was a presentation. I attended. Then they said you have to pay £189 a month and maintenance fees of £890 pound . Then they said in 13 years or before you have pay around £25000 and I'll have a 1.9% fraction in a Tenerife Paradise resort property. They said that, after 19 years will sell the property and I will get the value of my fraction. We are really worried about this this company! Its nearly £3000 per year we have pay for this. Have we been trapped?"

22nd February 2016, Mrs Paula D, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"Changed from points to fractions and told this was the only way to eventually get out of Diamond Resorts, also told we would be able to sale them and make a profit."

22nd February 2016, Mr Arthur T, Middlesex - Club La Costa Fractional

"We want to claim back our timeshare and management fees and cancel our contract"

22nd February 2016, Mrs Deborah B - Prestige Holiday Resorts

"Help! We have a timeshare and never use it. Aside from that, the yearly fees are astronomical (since 2011 gone from 357 to 999) need to see what we can do, urgently! Our payment is late for 2017 and we are trying to withhold but want to see what ramifications there will be opening ourselves up to if we default.

18th February 2016, Mr Trevor R, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Hi there! Joined CLC around 2001 and then upgraded in 2002 but was mis-sold the product. Could not get Holidays requested etc etc... I have been paying substantial amounts of moneys since but now feel enough is enough."

18th February 2016, Mr Alec S, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"Mis-sold DRI on two occasions one as upgrade to fractional which we already thought we had. Costing us a fortune and need it to end."

18th February 2016, Mrs J Z, East Sussex - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Want to get out of our timeshare with CLC as they persuaded us to upgrade to their signature suite at another £10,000. We are now in debt for £20,000 tied in with their loan people. Have paid no money off our loan for 2 years and now they are telling us we need to pay £1000 a year maintenance fees and we also can't book our suite when we want... We want out."

18th February 2016, Ms Jacqueline S, Merseyside - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have 2 Timeshares, one in Malta and the other is points with Beverley Hills Tenerife. I would just like to get out of these contracts"

17th February 2016, Mrs Denise W - WimPen Leisure

"I want to sell/cancel my timeshare at Los Claveles but have had no joy to date."

17th February 2016, Dr Solomon O, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Totally fed up. Feel conned right from the beginning and trapped in a bad contract I can not get out of. Can you help?"

17th February 2016, Mr Ian J, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Can't book a holiday this year or next year in my chosen destination"

16th February 2016, Mr Alastair M, Bedfordshire - RCI Floating Weeks

"We were promised holidays that were certainly not available once we became a member. We were sold a fixed week (Jan to Feb) when we were told we could use this all year round."

16th February 2016, Mrs Kath C - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Would love to leave Club La Costa. Please help!"

16th February 2016, Mrs Joyce B, Fife - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"My husband and I also have timeshare at Palm Oasis, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria that ownership was supposed to be transferred to Vacations4You. We had to buy 5000 points for this to happen but so far apart for paying the maintenance for us, this has not happened. What can we do about this?"

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