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About Owners Action

We are a genuinely independent organisation with no connection to the Timeshare "Industry bodies", Resorts, Management Groups, "Resellers" or Exchange networks which benefit (directly or indirectly) from the Timeshare fees that you pay - so the advice and help we offer is genuinely unbiased.

The team at Owners Action have a wealth of experience in all types of timeshare, points and "fractional" schemes and the legal means of getting out unwanted contracts and/or claiming compensation for mis-selling.

We are able to help with contract disposals across the vast majority of timeshare resorts & groups worldwide, but we are especially well-versed in helping customers of Diamond Resorts (DRI), RCI Points/Weeks, Club La Costa (CLC), Silverpoint and a number of other (see details...).

In light of the breakthrough Spanish Supreme Court judgements regarding Timeshare Mis-selling and the series of precedents set by the ever increasing flood of successful compensation claims, the legal tide has turned firmly in favour of the victims of these schemes and there has never been a better time to see whether you have grounds for compensation claims against the Timeshare Resorts/Groups and related finance & management organisations.

So, for free expert advice about your specific timeshare situation and options, please call one of our friendly expert advisors now on 0203 6704 616 or complete the short enquiry form.

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For FREE expert advice on how to solve your Timeshare problems and to see whether you may have been mis-sold, please call one of our friendly advisors now on 0203 6704 616 or use the short form above to see your options.

We’ll listen to your concerns, then advise you on your best options for exiting your Timeshare contract and whether you have potential grounds for a mis-selling claim.