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Free Yourself & Your Family from Marriott Timeshare
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  • Marriott Timeshare fees too high & increasing each year?

  • Worried that you & your family are locked into a contract?

  • Have you tried to sell, but found there is no way out?

  • Do you just want to get out of Marriott Timeshare for good?

Owners Action has successfully freed many Marriott customers from their Vacation Club timeshare contracts, with many of them reporting very high maintenance fees and frustration that they, as paying members, can't book the dates & resorts they want even though they are available to the public.

Whilst we are able to offer help and advice in relation to Marriott timeshare resorts worldwide, we have particular experience of helping people with the main Marriott timeshares in Europe, namely:

  • Ile-de-France
  • Club Son Antem
  • Playa Andaluza
  • Marbella Beach Resort

To find out your options for getting out of your Marriott contract commitments and to see if you may be able to claim money back, please complete the short enquiry form or call one of our friendly expert advisors now on 0203 6704 616.

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We’ll listen to your concerns, then advise you on your best options for exiting your Timeshare contract and whether you have potential grounds for a mis-selling claim.

Your Stories

5th August 2017 - Mrs Michelle C, N Ireland - Marriott Resorts

"Looking to get out of Marriott vacation points, please advise."


19th July 2017 - Dr Diane B, Yorkshire - Marriott Vacation Club

"Paid £20k on the day under pressure. We now pay approximately £1000 per year maintenance fees. In addition approximately £100 per year to be a member of Interval International to exchange our weeks. The full amount was paid on the day of the presentation. It was sold as an investment."