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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare scheme members each month and have published a few recent examples below. To see a selection of more recent comments, please click here. Or, to view older comments please, click here.

"A problem shared is a problem halved" as they say, so for free expert advice, please call 0203 6704 616 or complete the SEE YOUR OPTIONS form now.

Your Stories

"Resort is Star island in Kissimmee. Any help to be released from this timeshare would be appreciated!"

15th February 2016, Mrs Sherri B, Essex - Resort Properties

"Can I cancel my Club La Costa Fractional membership? I am in partnership with two other couples"

15th February 2016, Mr Ray H, Greater Manchester - CLC Fractional

"I want to get my full paid-for value of the FPOC that I currently hold with CLC World. I am currently paying back a loan that I had to take to pay off the 'loan shark' type loan that CLC pushed me into on signing up to the FPOC 2 ownership."

13th February 2016, Mr A A, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I would just like to get away from my Club La Costa contract."

12th February 2016, Mr Douglas H, Derbyshire - CLC Points

"I had originally signed up to Club La Costa and tried to get out through a resale company. They took a lot of money and this resulted in me being transferred over to Diamond Resorts with 2 weeks and some points with RCI. I sacrificed my weeks for points and have to try and make my bookings through RCI now. I'm not even sure how it works as it has never been explained to me."

9th February 2016, Miss Elaine M - RCI / Diamond Resorts

"Fees are very high already and will soon be too high for me to pay."

8th February 2016, Mr Mike R, West Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We would like to get out of the time share points as it has got to much as we pay £1200 maintenance and £246 a month for points. How can we do this?"

8th February 2016, Mr Mark E, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I was persuaded to upgrade to fractional but feel I was mis-sold and would like to get out and try to recoup some of my money"

8th February 2016, Mrs Margaret M - CLC Fractional

"We need to know how best we can pull out of these time shares."

8th February 2016, Mr & Mrs M, Surrey - Resort Properties

"It was a long time ago (years) never been on a promotional holiday before It sounded fantastic. Payed £4.000 and not had even 1 holiday with them. Each time we tried to book there was nothing available."

7th February 2016, Mrs Barbara F, Staffordshire - RCI

"After being hassled to updgrade, we paid an extra £2K during our first weeks holiday with them. Never used since and keep getting bills for maintenance saying we owe 6k in fees?????"

5th February 2016, Ms Lisa S, Cheshire - Heritage Resorts

"Felt very pressured into buying and my health has since deteriorated."

4th February 2016, Ms Carol F - CLC World

"They are changing the charges for summer weeks maintenance. Diversified are talking members into fractions , then saying weeks membership is going down so they have to keep charging more!"

3rd February 2016, Mr Keith C, West Yorkshire - RCI / Sunset Beach

"I would like to leave CLC and would like help"

3rd February 2016, Mrs H S, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have only had timeshare 3 years but want to get out as it is simply not cost effective for us, i.e. places not available, flights too expensive and cheaper all-inclusive package deals available elsewhere, some of which are not only to the same resort but also to the same hotel! On top of this there is also a maintenance fee.... so there appears to be no benefit whatsoever.

31st January 2016, Mrs Sandra M, Derbyshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought some "points" but couldn't cancel and whenever we went to use it no where was available. I've lost £11,000 altogether so far. How do I get out and can I claim anything back?"

31st January 2016, Mr Mark O - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Paid £9600 in 2007 but unable to keep maintenance payment up per year now. Need help to get out of this."

31st January 2016, Mr Peter B Nottinghamshire - Seasons Holidays

"Have got involved with Sellmytimeshare and Monster Credits - Can you help me?"

31st January 2016, Mrs Maureen J, Greater Manchester - RCI Points

"We had points with Diamond Resorts for the last 15 years. We paid maintenance fees and we only managed to get 3 holidays. We never get reminders to renew our points. When we try to sell it they put restrictions that we have to sell to either members of the family or other members of Diamond Resorts. Can we get rid of the points, relinquish our membership & get compensated for some of the money lost in membership fees?"

30th January 2016, Mr Ashraf E - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We are FPOC members with CLC and just want to know if we can walk away from this or even get any money back/ compensation?"

30th January 2016, Mr Brian B, Lincolnshire - Club La Costa FPOC

"Have 20000 points and no have to pay approx £2,000 per year in fees. Have to get out of this"

30th January 2016, Mr E M, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have tried to get out and had numerous issues including that I bought this with my husband and together had extended family . He died tragically 3 years ago and I now only have me and my child. The problem is I have no paperwork I went through an awful time after he died and his family destroyed the paperwork... I can't afford the maintenance and don't want to go on holiday so I am just getting further in debt. Please help me!!!!"

30th January 2016, Mrs Deborah B, Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I wish to get out of my CLC Fractional ownership."

30th January 2016, Mr Robin M, West Midlands - CLC Fractional

"I wanted to get out of this contract last year and was told I couldn't, today I received a statement for the 12 months of payments to Shawbrook loans and have only paid £15 off the original amount. I thought the HP was with CLC but apparantly it's with Shawbrook for "home improvements" which I didn't know I had. I desperately need to get out of this as ... I cannot afford almost £500 per month"

28th January 2016, Mrs Julie P, Teesside - CLC Fractional

"Want to exit Timeshare but Petchey want us to pay another £6000 for us to do so - on top of everthing we've already paid them!"

24th January 2016, Mr Roger S, West Sussex - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We were persuaded to trade in our Discover Diamond membership for points for the bargain price of £12,000 for 30 years. Then they hit us with £1600 maintenance fee each year, meaning our 'bargain' will now cost us another £60,000 or more over 30 years! WE need to get out!"

22nd January 2016, Ms Lesley H, Greater Manchester - DRI Points

"Can never get the holiday you want"

21st January 2016, Mrs K D, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We were persuaded to change from a fixed week to points and then pressure sales techniques to top them up. Maintenance is exorbitant and failing health means we can't use them."

21st January 2016, Mrs Gillian C - MacDonald Resorts

"Had 2 fixed weeks Time Share with CLC since approximately 1986. Need to get out"

20th January 2016, Mr Nick L - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Can't sell or give away timeshare, can't afford ongoing maintenance and never use it. What are consequences of not paying fees?"

20th January 2016, Mrs Jan M - RCI Points

"I inherited the timeshare 5 years ago from my Late grandparents and have been trying since then to exit the contract as I was not the original contract holder and have no interest in using or keeping the timeshare agreement. The company Macdonald resorts have provided endless empty promises to introduce an exit option and very little contact information to speak to someone within their company on this matter has been provided. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated."

19th January 2016, Miss Emma H, South Wales - MacDonald Resorts

"I purchased a CLC Timeshare in August 2007 and took out a loan with GE Money. I paid the management charges and the GE Money loan repayments for a number of years but due to changes in personal circumstances I never used the facility at all and was unable to continue payments. I paid £1000s in fees and loan repayments and was threatened with legal action by both CLC and GE Money who still send loan statements out and have placed a default on my credit file."

19th January 2016, Mr Colin P, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"A problem shared is a problem halved" as they say, so for free expert advice, please call 0203 6704 616 or complete the SEE YOUR OPTIONS form now.

"Feel I have been mis-sold a time-share"

18th January 2016, Mr Shane B, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)​

"We bought into CLC World In August 2014. We bought 5 weeks and have only managed to use one. My husband has set weeks for his holidays, which we told them when we bought the weeks. We were told that booking out of school holidays would make booking easier. We have tried to book holidays without much success. I had to ask them what they had available for the weeks my husband is off. This is not what we signed up for. We have to use the remaining 4 weeks up by August 2017. We would rather cancel the agreement as it not what we first thought."

18th January 2016, Mrs D B, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Wish to know if can cancel CLC membership, get back funds paid for points and stop paying maintenance charges?"

17th January 2016, Mr Jon C, Cambridgeshire - CLC Fractional

"I had a fixed week and fixed apartment but they now don't give me that apartment, as it looks like it has been sold. The club changed its constitution I think. It's The Royal Tenerife Country Club in Tenerife."

12th January 2016, Mr James F, Shropshire - RCI & Diamond Resorts Points

"Had fixed week initially then persuaded to upgrade to points several years later. Paid a deposit on a credit card for fixed week with rest on finance."

10th January 2016, Mr Tony C, Essex - RCI & Petchey/MGM/Infiniti Points

"We paid deposit (following year we had to pay extra we were told the original scheme for 3 years had been cancelled but we received no documents paid with card) we then paid full amount on due date."

4th January 2016, Mr Roger F, South Yorks - Anfi Group/RCI

"We feel that we were conned into buying something that doesn't actually deliver what it is meant to."

2nd January 2016, Mr Brian D, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I have a week in St Kitts, now converted to points. Am not impressed with this arrangement at all. Also have an additional week in Spain."

30th December 2015, Mr Jeremy W - Marriott Resorts

"Just need to unload my timeshare as soon as possible"

29th December 2015, Mrs Teresa L, Somerset - RCI Fixed Weeks

"Please help I am helping my elderly grandad who is very hard of hearing. He has Timeshare with Wimpey in Spain since 1990 which he's never used. Trying to help him get rid of it as it just wastes money each year"

27th December 2015, Mr Alan J, Dorset - WimPen Leisure

"We own a fractional share in a CLC property at their Fuengirola/Malaga complex, which translates into points per annum. How do we get out of the contract and/or claim money back?"

22nd December 2015, Mrs Anne O, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Timeshare at Golden Sands Raddisons in Malta for 40 years bought in 2005 paid deposit £1000 by credit card remainder paid in installments of £11000 in total paid £12000. All maintenance up to date paid. Want out."

17th December 2015, Mr Rohit P, Middlesex - RCI Floating Weeks

"Bought a Timeshare from Pueble Evita in Benalmadena for £4500… What questions do I ask them to discover if this is a legitimate investment OR a Scam?."

17th December 2015, Mr John H, Derbyshire - Pueblo Evita

"We were talked into upgrading on the last trip to a Signature grade but now we're over-stretched."

15th December 2015, Mr Jon G, Derbyshire - Club La Costa Points

"Maintenance fee risen again and is due now. We just want out."

13th December 2015, Mr Martin W, Somerset - Diamond Resorts Points

"We feel we have been mis-sold and lied to by Club La Costa. What can we do?"

12th December 2015, Mr Colin H, West Yorkshire - CLC Fractional

"HELP URGENTLY NEEDED PLEASE? We have tried to contact CLC about cancelling but got fobbed off by some snotty rude lady who has left me in tears. They are such a con and never again.."

12th December 2015, Mrs Hester M, Cheshire - CLC Fractional

"After 12 years with them I would like to exit my timeshare for good. I know there is no point in trying to sell. Just want to get out of it."

9th December 2015, Mrs C F, Warwickshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"Management fees are too much to pay. Me and my wife need to be rid of it but with all the money we have paid, rising every year, can we not claim any money back?"

7th December 2015, Mr Tereence S, County Durham - DRI Points

"I purchased the fixed week at Anfi with my ex husband now we are divorced I need to get out of the contract and so does he..."

27th November 2015, Mrs Susan S - Anfi

"I have just received my maintenance bill from Diamond resorts and this has double they now want £3500 I cant afford to pay this it just keeps going up every year please can you help me to get out off owner ship with this company"

25th November 2015, Mrs Rosalyn D, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"My mother bought timeshares in Club Puerto Anfi last year, and died 2 months ago. We are not sure of our legal position and are clear that we do not want to continue."

20th November 2015, Ms Alex L, Greater London - Anfi Group

"I was told they would buy back if I wanted to sell, that there were direct flights and that I could get same all-inclusive at other resorts without extra costs. I was NOT told about additional fees at other resorts. I also was told it would not be a problem getting dates or flights... not true. I have cancelled the payments now and they are threatening me with legal action. Please help!"

20th November 2015, Mr Gordon T, W Yorkshire - Db San Antonio, Malta

"Maintenance fees have increased by 41% over last 4 years..."

20th November 2015, Mr Ivan M, Kent - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Bought this in October 2014 on our honeymoon we are 99% certain we were told we could go there 2 weeks every other year. Phoned yesterday to book for next year to be told we only got one week allowed so all the money we been paying was for nothing."

18th November 2015. Mrs Karen F, Leicestershire - Westgate

"We had 2 weeks fixed and, on their advice, tranferred to the points system as this would give more flexibility and we could go anywhere at any time. This is not true. Not able to use this years points or residue of last year's."

18th November 2015, Mrs Diana G, Dorset - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I held membership with Royal Holiday purchased in 1999 in Bahamas. I can no longer afford to pay maintenance fees and want to terminate the contract. I have written to them but the will not allow me to cancel."

18th November 2015, Mrs M S, Kent - Royal Holiday

"We were pressured in to purchasing a timeshare on our honeymoon. We have never used it and was told we could of easily sell it if needed. We cannot and have found we are burdened with this for the rest of our lives."

17th November 2015, Mr Andrew B, South Yorkshire - RCI

"Took out finance for the timeshare, but don't want it and never use it now. What can we do?"

16th November 2015, Mrs Janet P, County Durham - Silverpoint

"I was not aware on my husband's death that the timeshare would be handed down to me and subsequently my siblings…"

14th November 2015, Mrs Anita B, West Midlands - Club Greece

"Just want to get rid of my Club la Costa points."

12th November 2015, Mr Geoffrey B, Andalucia, Spain - Club La Costa

"In 1993 my wife and I bought a timeshare at Club Riviera in Spain. In 2007 we were on holiday in Spain and were persuaded to change these weeks at Club Riviera for 50000 points for RCI. So we are now with Diversified Resorts Ltd and since this transaction we have had difficulty booking resorts as well as seeing our maintenance costs escalate. We have recently had our bill for £630 for next year and we have not been able to use our points for this year. We believe we were mis-sold these points. At the very least we want to get out of the liability attaching to these points and at best we would like to pursue a mis-selling action. I would appreciate your observations on the way forward."

11th November 2015, Mr Arthur M, Dorset - Crown Resorts/RCI/Diversified

"They sold me the timeshare with unlimited additional weeks. However, these additional weeks depend on new payments annually! And they had guaranteed that everything was included in my timeshare deal! The unlimited weeks were the main point of my purchase, the reason for my purchase. The salesman told me that these unlimited weeks were possible only because my timeshare was available as a result of an owner's upgrade (in other words, it was part of an "inventory") . They deceived me deliberately. I already asked about cancellation, but they told me that it was impossible (the cancellation was impossible and the rules of the unlimited weeks were in the contract). This is not right! It is impossible to understand all the contract clauses on the spot, so I asked questions and just believed in what they told me. What can I do?"

3rd November 2015, Mrs Emeli P - Westgate

"Looking to exit our commitment to Club la costa fractional ownership."

16th October 2015, Mrs Annmarie B, Staffordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We feel we were mis-sold points by CLC... We couldnt get the holidays we wanted and maintenance fees were ridiculous. All told I think it has cost us £21k+ not inc interest. I'm still paying now and we were set up with finance there and then with Barclays Partner Finance. Do you think we have a claim?"

13th October 2015, Mr Mike A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Have pure points membership of club tenerife. Need to get rid of it somehow"

20th September 2015, Mr Ramesh S, North London - Tenerife Club

"Crippling annual cost and with not enough points for any decent holidays. Also promised when bought with GVC that these were easily saleable!"

25th September 2015, Mr Sanjay M, West Midlands - Diamond Resorts

"Looking to get rid of our timeshare With Orange Lakes which we bought in 2007. "

10th September 2015, Mr Oeter M, West Midlands - Orange Lakes

"Increased fees can't book when we want or where we want losing points. Now due to ill health unable to use facility over next twelve months. CLC have shown no support. We just want out"

9th September 2015, Mrs C, Cambs - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Brought timeshare on first day of holiday after morning of hard sell. Had to pay a deposit there and then. 2012 I was contacted by a company purporting to be working with diamond asking if wanting to sell. At the time I had not long separated from my husband, was grieving for a close family member and wsd trying to sell my business so paid the upfront fees then obviously no sale came about tried to contact company but to no avail. When I contacted Diamond they didn't want to know. "

1st September 2015, Mrs P, West Midlands - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We would like to just get out of CLC"

13th August 2015, Mr David E, West Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My ex husband and I got points together 10 years ago with Sunterra which is now Diamond resorts. We had some good holidays to start with but due to us both working could not make the most of the points. Now that we are divorced, it's difficult to share points and high maintenance fees are unaffordable for us both."

11th August 2015, Mrs Maureen R, Staffordshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I own a time share in June at Barnsdale Rutland England and have also purchased extra points"

11th August 2015, Mr Norman B, Norfolk - RCI

"Just require to remove ourselves from the system. Not looking for any financial return."

10th August 2015, Mr Robert B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Missold points - with ever-escalating annual charges contrary to promises on purchase."

10th August 2015, Mr Brian H, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I don't want any money back, just to get out of ownership"

3rd August 2015, Mrs Maureen R, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Need to get out of Diamond, never used it. Our circumstances have changed"

3rd August 2015, Mrs Cynthia H, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

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