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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points and Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a few examples of comments from earlier this year below. You can see a selection of more recent customer comments here, or to read earlier comments, click here

Your Stories

"Spoke to CLC several times over last 3 years about taking back our points but they just kept fobbing us off. Then they talked us into taking out Fractional ownership instead but its just the same thing but even more expensive. Looking back now, I can't believe we fell for it. Can you help us get out of this mess? "

4 July 2015, Mr B R, Lincolnshire - CLC Fractional owner

"We had a few nice holidays to begin with, but that was a long while ago. It then became harder to book what we wanted,so we kept missing out and now we can't get travel insurance due to age health, so its just a complete waste of money now. We're paying £640 a year in fees for something we can't use. Have been trying to sell it for next to nothing for 4 years now - and they won'tlet us hand it back as they tell us its "in perpetuity" so there's nothing they can do. Can you help?"

23 June 2015, Mr & Mrs R, Yorkshire - RCI / Silverpoint Hollywood Mirage

"The fees are just ridiculous - they want £1400 a year now. And we have to pay flights, car hire, insurance, and all our food and drink on top of that. You can get a really good quality all inclusive deal from the internet for less than half what this costs us. And now we can't sell it or even give it away. What can we do?"

21 June 2015, Mrs Julie F, Hampshire - Diamond Resorts

"Got talked into upgrading to the Fractional ownership a couple of years ago. BIG mistake. Pretty much all the same problems, just much higher fees. Just want to get out of it somehow "

18 June 2015, Mrs Jane T, Lancashire - Club La Costa Fractional

"Its just so frustrating... paying bl***y fortunes in fees every year and they just tell us all the nice places are booked years ahead and offer us the leftovers that no-one else wanted. Nothing like the dream they sold us. Can we get anything back"

11 June 2015, Mr Stephen K, West Midlands - RCI Points

"Looking back knowing what I know now, I find it hard to understand why I bought into this. The quality of the resort is very good, but the purchase cost, the maintenance fees and all the other costs really add up. We've had to skip a few times due to other commitments and that means it has cost us about £7500 for each week of holiday we have had, which must be more than double what i could have paid just booking from the internet. "

9 June 2015, Dr P R, Tyne & Wear - Anfi

"Agree with what so many others are saying here. They'll tell you anything to sign up but when you try and book there's always some excuse as to why its not available - and a sales pitch to try and get you to spend more..."

5th June 2015, Mr Michael C - Club La Costa

"We started with Resort Properties and buying 7 weeks and advised that we would be able to sell 6 of them 2 years later - this did not happen and we had to upgrade to Club Paradiso at Island Level at an extra cost."

28 May 2015, Mrs Michelle E, Leicestershire - Silverpoint

"Been trying to sell for over two years - getting older - can't book where we want, quite often because non-members are allocated ahead of us etc... Still paying off one of the loans and circumstances changed since retirement."

26 May 2015, Mr John K, Lincolnshire - Diamond Resorts

"Was mis-sold this timeshare. Now seem to be in the hands of Link Financial"

26 May 2015, Mrs Linda T , Greater Manchester - Club La Costa

"I have received a cold call offering to sell my points for £xxx, but I think this may be a scam. I am very interested in selling as we don't use CLC due to family issues, but continue to pay increasing management charges. I would be grateful for some advice."

17 May 2015, Mrs Yvonne O, Hampshire - Club La Costa

"I am now 72 years old and would prefer to take package holidays which are less hassle and better value. I don't want to leave my children with a timeshare liability. In April 2015 during a holiday in the Sunset Beach Club, Málaga, I was persuaded to sign a contract to convert my Timeshare at Beverley Hills Heights into a complex package which included 30000 RCI pure Points, a fractional share in the Sunset Beach Club and membership and Prestige vacation with Ambassador gold of at a cost of just under £8200. I expect you are aware of these people and the fact that they take an initial Payment for the Prestige vacation with Ambassador gold which delivers almost nothing and lasts for 364 days to avoid the 14 day cooling off period on the initial payment. I quickly realised what I had been sold was a dressed up timeshare, so I emailed Diversified Resorts to try to cancel the contract..."

14 May 2015, Mr Christopher A, Hampshire - Silverpoint

"Looking for assistance - have discussed with another party but not sure that the claim they mention is actually going ahead"

13 May 2015, Mr Michael L - RCI

"Just would like to get out of this timeshare, cannot seem to sell have 2 weeks in Gran Canarias in October."

10 May 2015, Mrs Sue D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

We want out for many reasons, not least because they owe us money following an accounting error when we upgraded. But they subsequently "lost" all our documentation. We are also unable to book what we want, when we want, and were miss-sold because we were told that two locations were coming on-line in the following year, but these never appeared. The fees keep going up but we are unable to use the points we have now."

6 May 2015, Mr Ken M, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"It has been a nightmare. We have not been able to use it because they made excuses about dates etc etc... but they took our maintenance fees all right. Just please get us away from these monsters"

1 May 2015, Mr Chris B, Mid Glamorgan - Silverpoint

"Maintenance fees are getting harder to pay and we can no longer make use of it because of finances and age... Our family do not want to take over as they say maintenance fees alone would pay for at least 2 good package holidays. Please advise, thank you."

28 April 2015, Mrs Freda B, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts/DRI

"We have been with Seasons for about 9 years. Their selection of overseas accommodation is limited to 2 options. We are paying over £150 a month plus £490 maintenance fees. We now really want to get rid of this if possible."

28 April 2015, Mr Stephen C, Worcestershire - Seasons Holidays

"When we purchased it was sold to us as great benefit to buy in perpetuity, but now this is proving a major problem… Can't sell, but it was sold to us as an asset!"

28 April 2015, Mrs Gillian S, Merseyside - MacDonalds Villacana

"Fees are too high and we just don't use them any more."

26 April 2015, Mr Mark W, North Wales - Torrent Bay Club, Ibiza

"We were told when we bought the timeshare that if we no longer wanted it we could sell it back. When I tried I was put onto another company called Travel and Leisure Group who told me that they could sell it for me. I paid them and nothing happened. They then asked me if I would like to rent it out for a small fee. I did this but again nothing. Can you help me please?"

25 April 2015, Mr Dennis P, Essex - Diamond Resorts/DRI

"I was manipulated & harassed into buying this timeshare & feel I have very much been misled & tricked. I want out of it altogether but don't know how to do this. Please advise."

25 April 2015, Mrs Suzanne J, Lancashire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Since splitting-up with my partner, these types of holiday no longer interest me."

24 April 2015, Mr James R, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts/DRI

"Just can't ever book what we want"

24 April 2015, Miss Wendy H, Lancashire - RCI

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