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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks & Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a selection of recent comments below. To see a selection of earlier comments from previous months & years, please click here.

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Your Stories

15th February 2017 - Mr Stephen J, London - Club La Costa

"I have been in contact with a Spanish legal company, after going through my documents they have said that as all CLC's registered addresses are outside Spain, they cannot pursue my case through the Spanish system. Can you help?"


15th February 2017 - Mr Andrew N, Cornwall - Diamond Resorts (GVC)

"Bought 50 points from GVC in 2001 and 50 points in 2002. (Now listed with Diamond as 10,000 per annum - I have 20,000 available right now. It doesn't work for us, I am out of work and cannot afford to continue the management fees. I am fully up to date with the fees but would like to exit." Read More...

14th February 2017 - Mrs Tina H, Berkshire - RCI Floating Weeks

"Never able to book as never any availability., Resort is now being let to non owners and advertised via travel agents online. Even when I know there is availability as can book via a travel agent they tell me there is not." Read More...

9th February 2017 - Mr Michael D, Dorset - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We felt bullied into upgrading our timeshare. We were told if we ever wanted to sell that they would buy back. This was not the case. Club La Costa should not be allowed to get away with miss selling this product."

8th February 2017 - Mrs Barbara M - Diamond Resorts Points

"Would like to know if we were mis-sold and if we can claim for charges"

6th February 2017 - Mrs B K - Marriott Vacation Club

"Please can you advise us how to get out of contract due to misrepresentation. We have a silver week with Marriott vacation club. The information we was given at the time we purchased it was incorrect. Our fees have gone up. We were informed it was an investment and we could sell it at anytime. My husband has health issues and is finding it difficult to travel abroad. Can you help us please in anyway."

2nd February 2017 - Mrs Denise T, Shropshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We feel that we were mis-sold this product under high pressure. They were told of our needs having school age children and there is never any availability during school holidays. We were lied to, plain and simple and we want out with a full refund. Hope you can help."

29th January 2017 - Mr Martin L, Bedfordshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"We currently own Diamond Resorts Points at The Village Holiday Club, Crete and would like to know our options for time share exit, please?"

27th January 2017 - Miss Claire S - Palm Oasis

"Myself and my brother had to take 50% ownership of the timeshare each after my dad died."

24th January 2017 - Mr Donald M, Midlothian - Diamond Resorts

"Very, very interested in exiting Diamond. Have been a silver member since 2001 and now find the situation abhorrant !! The recent purchase by Apollo is the straw that broke the camels' back. Incidentally, i have paid this years fees. Thank you."

21st January 2017 - Mrs Hayley C, Essex - Puerto Anfi

"We were sold Anfi Timeshare in 2013. We were sold it as being able to hand down when we die, it was a floating week. They gave us finance on it."

18th January 2017 - Mrs Janice P, Co Down - Silverpoint

​"We have one week in Beverly Hills Heights Los Cristanos Tenerife. The maintenance fees just keep going up and up every year."

16th January 2017 - Mrs Gillian I - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

​"70,000 points bought by my parents 15 years ago. They are both in ill health and cant travel. Points have not been used since 2013. They keep receiving reminders and outstanding fees are now nearly £5,000. Can they take action against my parents?"

12th January 2017 - Mr Roger C, Devon - Anfi

Had membership at vacation club since 2005, I paid deposit to ANFISALES while on holiday. Term & conditions state use unlimited period.

9th January 2017 - Ms Theresa L - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"I just want to get rid of this and end the contract"

8th January 2017 - Mrs H N - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My parents signed an agreement with CLC in 2010 and tried to sell a few months later and up until now, with no luck. The contract clearly states that it is PERMANENT. My mother recently became a widow, she needs to get out of this contract!"

6th January 2017 - Ms Janet C - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"I brought this timeshare in 1997. When does the lease end legally? And how do I find out if I was this mis-sold? Thanks"

6th January 2017 - Mr Magnus N - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My father in law is deceased and has left my mother with a minimum retirement plan. How can she get out of it?"

6th January 2017 - Mrs Wendy C, Wiltshire - Marriott illage D'Ile de France

"We have 2 silver weeks in Paris which we would very much like your help with"

4th January 2017 - Mr Haydn T, Carmarthenshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Want out and refund of money paid over last 16 years if contract is illegal"

3rd January 2017 - Mr Eddie M - RCI / Legacy Vacation Resort, Florida

"Had my timeshare for over 20 years. Now aged 72 I have health issues and cannot afford the insurance or the air fare so need to get out of timeshare now."

1st January 2017 - Mrs Julie E, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Its no longer what I was sold. The sites take Cosmos / Thomson etc and are going all inclusive. I was sold it as a lifelong time share - is that legal?"

1st January 2017 - Mr Alan W, Cambridgeshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Jointly held with my wife. Have tried, unsuccessfully to sell through Travel & Leisure for 3 years."

30th December 2016 - Ms D K - RCI / Hilton Grand Vacations

Me and my partner purchased a timeshare in May 2016 and believe that we were mis-sold as we paid deposit during the presentation where the salesperson gave us information that now turns out to be untrue (maintenance fees much higher than quoted). We wish to exit the contract and did mention it to the sales person, but she kept saying we cannot. The timeshare was purchased in Orlando Florida. We wish to exit and not just stop paying maintenance fees but also loan. I forward to hearing from you."

30th December 2016 - Mr Patrick G, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We took a 3 year trial membership in May 2015. I am not sure if this is a contract that would fall under the same Court rulings? We were not able to book a holiday last year due to lack of availability and have had to compromise this year with a resort and accommodation we did not want. The trial runs out in April 2018 and we will not be able to use the 5 weeks we paid £4000 for by that date."

29th December 2016 - Mr Kevin C - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"I am now divorced and would like to get out of this timeshare rip-off and they are asking fortunes for me to get out of it - I will not be paying."

27th December 2016 - Mrs E B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We just want to get out of our DRI points contract."

27th December 2016 - Mr John M - RCI / Scandinavian Village

"Timeshare no longer fits our lifestyle, we are both in our 70s"

27th December 2016 - Ms Louise W, Oxfordshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We purchased 5,000 points in 2003 and upgraded by 6000 in 2006. What can you suggest re a claim and/or exit?"

22nd December 2016 - Mr K K - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We feel this product has been dishonestly sold to us and we are paying high maintenance fees each year"

22nd December 2016 - Mr C L - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I want to get out of Timeshare and stop paying fees. Thanks"

20th December 2016 - Mr John R - RCI Points

"We have 30000 points but can never get a holiday in uk"

19th December 2016 - Mr Geoff H, South Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Haven't had a holiday with them since May 2014, we pay approx £2000 a year in fees. The fees we pay mean we cant actually afford a proper holiday. The last one was in Cornwall because we couldn't afford air fares"

19th December 2016 - Mr Dermot H, West Sussex - MacDonald Resorts

"I originally paid over £14,000 for the 2 weeks in La Ermita in Spain and was told that whenever I wanted to resell that I could do this thru them at a handsome profit. Had to pay a deposit on the day and not given a cooling off period."

19th December 2016 - Mr David E, Gloucestershire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We are so frustrated with this mis-sold timeshare, not being able to sell it off, not meeting our needs in any way and the very high fees and maintenance fees. We really want to get out of this."

15th December 2016 - Ms Jane O, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I'd like more info on how I can get out of this. Thank you"

14th December 2016 - Mrs Margaret M, East Ayrshire - RCI Points

"I own points with my sister and would like to "get rid" of them as they are worse than useless! And sooooo expensive"

13th December 2016 - Mr Mostyn R - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Originally weeks, now points. In Perpetuity contract. Now divorced but children don't want it."

13th December 2016 - Mr Roger C, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Originally bought with GVC in 1999. Deposit was taken on the day after a long hard sell session. We were told we could have at least 2 weeks holiday a year in GVC resorts which turned out to be a lie as we didn't have enough points.We were encouraged/coerced to take finance which we didn't want we had to pay ppi in full even though we didn't really want it. We paid off the finance within 6 weeks but they would not refund the ppi. We changed to fractional about 3 years ago to get out of the perpetual contract. The fees have gone up by 10% this year and have been going up every year above inflation. We are not using our points and over the years we have only used them because we have paid and feel we are wasting them. The promised cheap holidays have by no means been cheap. The whole thing has been a very expensive mistake."

13th December 2016 - Mr Shaun M, Oxfordshire - Westgate Resorts

"Just paid my 2017 maintenance fees and this is now getting stupid. It cost £460 plus including card fees for an international transaction and I am not even using the weeks at Blue Tree resort or the weeks I have deposited with Interval I international."

12th December 2016 - Mrs Anne J, Surrey - Garden Lago/ Diamond Resorts

"Have had this timeshare since 1996, my husband died in 2000 at aged 48 and I have been trying to get rid of it ever since as maintenance fees are now too steep."

12th December 2016 - Mr Chris P, Dorset - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Have 90000 points purchased 1999. Want to get rid of them. They have been for sale throughTravelandleisure for more than one year."

12th December 2016 - Mr S K, Leicestershire - RCI Weeks

"Yearly fee too high we have not used for few years and would like end the contract with RCI"

12th December 2016 - Ms Anjana S, Suffolk - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought 10000 points from GVC in January 2004. Were lied to when we bought the points. We did complain as soon as we found out that we were lied to in 2004 but did not get anywhere. Just want to get out as we were scammed into buying the points and management fees increased every year from £500 in 2004 to £1400 for 2017"

10th December 2016 - Mr Simon B, Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Members of CLC for 8yrs. Rising maintenance fees and no availability for nicer apartments. Would like to get out of contract."

7th December 2016 - Mrs Mary B, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We traded in Westgate resort weeks for 15000 DRI points in 2007. Tried to sell unsuccessfully through ILG and were asked to change to weeks. Then had to buy 2000 more points to change back to points in 2012. We are now pensioners of 74+ and 73+ and can no longer afford the high management fees."

6th December 2016 - Mr Nathan C, Kent - RCI Points

"My parents are currently in a timeshare contract. They were promised a wealth of sales opportunities but this was clearly misrepresentation. I want to help them could you kindly assist me in doing so and if I need to provide details for you please let me know and I will endeavour to do so immediately."

5th December 2016 - Mr Ashley F, Cumbria - RCI Points

"We were promised five star accommodation, but the breaks we had we would class as just three star and most dissapointing."

4th December 2016 - Mr Alan F, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts Fractional

"Originally purchased 1995 as points. Persuaded to change to fractional ownership about four years ago."

4th December 2016 - Ms Lynne J, Cheshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"I would like to get out of this CLC fractional ownership as the maintenance is rising and not able to book holiday when we ask."

4th December 2016 - Miss Beverley A, Dorset - Diamond Resorts International

"My parents have a Diamond Resort International product but now no longer wish to continue with it, especially as they have received next years fees invoice. They haven't made use of it for the last couple of years and have asked me to end their contract. Would just like some advice on how I go about that please. They originally bought through Aegean Blue."

4th December 2016 - Mrs Shirley B, Oxfordshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"We originally bought points when it was called GVC but the management fees are now out of control and no longer affordable. We can't afford it… and don't know what to do."

3rd December 2016 - Mr Geoff S, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"The management fees have gone up so much, we are approaching pension age and need to get out of this contract if possible. We were told we would get 3 good weeks from our 5000 points which was totally wrong."

3rd December 2016 - Mr Alan R, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts Points

"Just retired income now two thirds less can't afford to pay fees but can't get out of contract."

1st December 2016 - Mr B C, Hampshire - RCI Points

"I have our membership certificate for Elite Fairways Club Tenerife dated Sep 99 (signed by Wayfair Sales Ltd and Wayfair Management Ltd). We were later 'forced/highly recommended' to exchange to points for greater value and choice at additional costs. This is a millstone around our neck which I have been trying to sell as we have not used this for many years."

1st December 2016 - Mr C A, Cambridgeshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Want to cancel my 2 weeks cannot afford my maintenance fees as these have gone up again. Had timeshare over 10 years. Now retired pensioners."

1st December 2016 - Mr K M - Club La Costa Points

"I have 1501 points awarded annually. Maintenance/management fees keep going up and unable to book the required holidays."

30th November 2016 - Mrs Lesley S, County Down - Anfi Group

"Have owned both floating and fixed weeks - 4 in total since 2000. All in perpetuity and all with deposit paid within 14 day cooling off period. Do we have a claim?"

29th November 2016 - Mr David C, Cheshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We feel this product has been dishonestly sold to us."

29th November 2016 - Mrs Deborah B, Hampshire - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Became sole owner when my ex-husband died. Annual fee is now £1374.00."

29th November 2016 - Mrs Anne C - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Seeking advice to terminate in perpetuity contract."

29th November 2016 - Miss A H, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts Fractional

"I can never use a lot of the points I have and would like to get rid of the timeshare but want money back. I had to have a mortgage because of the money I had spent on points then fractions"

29th November 2016 - Mrs Natalie F, West Midlands - RCI Points

"My boyfriend signed up after being lied to. The representative wouldn't allow me to use my phone to check the details online. It was a pressured, hard sell. We just want to know if we can still cancel as this is not something we want."

29th November 2016 - Mrs Jane O. West Midlands - Club La Costa Fractional

"I've been served with a notice to supply income details or go to court which could result in jail for 14 days."

28th November 2016 - Mr David E, Essex - RCI

"We originally purchased 1 week with Sahara Sunset Club with fees only about £100 - hard sold and pushed in to it after 4 hours of being plied with drinks and cheap gifts. Paid a deposit immediately and financed the rest, no cooling off period and no intention to have entered in to a contract in perpetuity"

27th November 2016 - Mrs Nicky J - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"We started with a fixed week then was told if we wanted to continue we would have to change to points due to everyone changing and there would be no availability."

25th November 2016 - Mrs Dorothy W - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We are trying to get out of Timeshare for good. Timeshare company, Occidental in Mexico told us they would take it off our hands; ended up paying them money to upgrade existing timeshare in Mexico in return for trade-in for the one with Diamond which used to be weeks. Now telling us we have to pay £1879 to satisfy agreement for trade-in but we have to pay the 2017 maintenance fees $3100 as well. Please advise."

24th November 2016 - Mrs Nadine M, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"I have timeshare points that my husband bought in 1998. With Grand Vacation Club, the owner ship of the points were then transferred to my name after the death of my husband."

24th November 2016 - Mr A S , Fife - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We decided that is not for us, and the cost is too high."

23rd November 2016 - Mr T C - Westgate

"The timeshare does not provide the flexibility to swap to other resorts as promised and the maintenance charges have continually risen which was contrary to what was stated during the sales agreement. Any advice on selling it or having the monies refunded would be greatly appreciated. We've owned it for 9 years. Many thanks"

22nd November 2016 - Mr Adrian T, Sussex - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have had a timeshare since 1990 in Florida at Lake Tikki Village. I have tried for years to sell it, but to no avail."

22nd November 2016 - Mr Maurice F, Hertfordshire - Anfi Group

"We bought into Anfi Beach after "winning" a trip to Anfi from a Spanish boy on the beach at Maspalonus. We were whisked away by car to the resort and after a lengthy presentation and sales pressure we purchased our first week in Anfi Beach. As Puerto Anfi was completed we were pressured into upgrading to a two week apt. We were at all times told that Anfi had a buy back plan and maintainance fees which started at £300 approx ended up by rising in excess of £ 1000."

22nd November 2016 - Mrs Matilda M, West Glamorgan - Westgate

"I have the deed of ownership bought 11 years ago. the fees are becoming too high almost a £1000 a year. I explained at the time I was a teacher and have restricted holidays they assured me I would be able to get my weeks. They failed to say the only way is to go through an exchange company such as Interval, incurring more cost."

21st November 2016 - Mr Y T - Westgate

"Maintenance fee goes up each year, having difficulty to exchange my weeks through Interval International"

21st November 2016 - Mr Frank B, County Durham - RCI Points

"Bought 40000 RCI pure points in 2006, expiring on 31.12.2068, we never get what we request. Yearly Maintenance fees are rising way beyond our affordability."

21st November 2016 - Ms Valerie C - Diamond Resorts Points

"I bought this two years ago and don't have enough points to go to any of the places I want to. I will need triple the points. They misled me on several things, such as the maintenance fees and then deeding it to your children."

21st November 2016 - Mrs Enid B - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Purchased a total of 2501 points in 3 stages using finance in part. We were advised that the points could be resold at a potential profit and that the Platinum level would give us higher priority when booking holidays than, for example, Gold membership. This has proved to be false. Maintenance fees for 2017 are quoted at £1800. "

21st November 2016 - Mr M H, County Down - Hilton Grand Vacations

"I think ours is an 'in perpetuity' contract."

18th November 2016 - Mr Patrick W, Greater London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"During our 'free' holiday at CLC's Malaga resort in Easter 2016, my wife and I were asked to attend a compulsory presentation at CLC's offices which took up a whole day. Basically we were rushed into signing up for a fractional ownership of one of their signature suites. We now feel that we were misold this product and feel totally conned by this fraudulent outfit (what was Jenny Bond thinking?). We are desperate to get out of this since:

  • it represents extremely poor value for money (can't even take 2 hols a year in our tiny amount of points
  • there is virtually no availability even if you enquire 9 or 10 months prior to the date you want to book
  • we were simply not told that the maintenance fees were payable over the whole year and could amount to as much as £1200. In fact we were lied to. The man said it might cost about £55 per week FOR ONLY THE WEEKS YOU WERE ACTUALLY STAYING SOMEWHERE
  • the product is entirely unsuited to our circumstances and we feel that we were mis-sold this

We would therefore be very interested to hear from anyone who has any legal or practical advice on how we can extricate ourselves from this complete rip- off.

Patrick and Georgina."

18th November 2016 - Mrs B M, County Armagh - Silverpoint

"Purchased a fixed week specific apartment but cannot get our owned apartment for our allocated week."

17th November 2016 - Mrs S P - Silverpoint

"Mis-sold by Resort Properties now Silverpoint. Deposit on the day, traded-in Points and In perpetuity with false promises to sell ...."

17th November 2016 - Mr Gordon M - Anfi Group

"I bought into Anfi in 2010 where I was to pay a deposit within a day or two. I then upgraded about a year later but my partner lost her job so had to try and downgrade only to be told that there would be a cost. 5 years later I am still paying £93 a month I believe I was misinformed about most things."

17th November 2016 - MrDavid P, Staffordshire - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We have been unhappy with Royal Park Albatross for many years, failed to sell, also have RCI points from both RPA and Vista Serena, but don't seem successful in exchanges any more. How do we get out of timeshare...?"

17th November 2016 - Miss Annabelle J, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My mum originally bought the shares in 2005 and it was transferred to me in 2013. How can I get out of this?"

16th November 2016 - Mrs Sarah B, Nottinghamshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Paid a lump sum upfront plus annual maintenance charges - could never book weeks we wanted - totally useless customer service!"

16th November 2016 - Mrs Barbara H, Lancashire - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Bought one week at Parque Albatross Tenerife in 1997 with my late husband. they were full of promises none of which were true and I want to get away from this millstone."

16th November 2016 - Mrs Marlene S, Cornwall - Seasons

"We would like to exit and seek compensation. We upgraded in 2007, to floating weeks in perpetuity."

16th November 2016 - Mrs H G, Surrey - Anfi Group

"We have had floating weeks changed to points at Anfi since 2001 and have always been pressured to upgrade every time we went."

15th November 2016 - Mrs Mary B, North Somerset - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Both my husband and I feel we were not made fully aware of the cost of the annual maintenance and the restrictions on when we would be able to take the holidays where we wished to go."

15th November 2016 - MrHugh K, County Down - Resort Properties

"We were definitely mis sold on all aspects of this."

15th November 2016 - MrRobin E, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Owned 1 week timeshare since 1991 and maintenance charges have rocketed from c£100 pa to £600+. Impossible to sell... Is there anything I can do to get rid of this? Many thanks, Robin E."

15th November 2016 - Mr David G, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I originally bought my Diamond Resort timeshare at Cromer Country Club when it was Thurnham Vacation Club. I haven't been able to use it for several years, whilst fees climb higher each year. I just want to get rid!"

14th November 2016 - Mrs Natalie F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Hi. We were mis-sold and had to pay a deposit upfront. Also no availability at all, so can't even use our points."

14th November 2016 - Mrs Annie C, Aberdeenshire - Anfi Group

​"I need to know how to get rid of my Anfi timeshare contract and not need to pay these high maintenance fees every year, as it seems to get more and more expensive."

14th November 2016 - MrGuy T, West Yorkshire - Silverpoint

"We want our money back."

14th November 2016 - Mrs Sharon G - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Have been trying to get rid of my points timeshare in for ages. My husband has health conditions now and we can not afford the payments. I've contacted them on numerous occasions and receive no satisfaction. No response or concern for our dilemma. They just keep taking money out of my account..."

14th November 2016 - Miss Gemma P, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I was mis-sold a timeshare back in December 2015 and would like some advice into relinquishing the contract."

13th November 2016 - Mrs Elizabeth F, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Thought we had a week's holiday every year but not had one as we can't book anything. Was an expensivee trial week, not happy."

13th November 2016 - Mr Phil A - Bluebay Beach Club, Gran Canaria

"Locked in to a long term contract which is held by my ex wife, need advice on how to get rid of the timeshare to stop annual charges."

13th November 2016 - Mr John D - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have been told that we will not get out of Diamond in 15 yrs after all, as they never actually sell any Fractional properties."

13th November 2016 - Mrs Anita M, Lanarkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Looking for advice as we are aware management fees are to increase by 13% next year. Originally bought as Sunterra."

12th November 2016 - MrIain B, Wiltshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Have tried complaining to them, but feeling fobbed off. Then complained again, now over two weeks nothing back from them. Had no choice but to holiday somewhere other than wanted to as time was booked off work. Resort was in disrepair and not at all suited for wheelchairs which was part of the promise to being sold the package."

12th November 2016 - Mrs Christine C, Aberdeenshire - RCI Points

"Have points with RCI cannot use them as always booked up. We have not used them for the last 2 years and we want to get rid of this and want to stop paying high maintenance fees."

12th November 2016 - Mrs Helen B - RCI / Pearly Grey Tenerife

"We bought 6 weeks at Pearly Grey Tenerife. We've used one week but things have changed and would like to get out of this."

12th November 2016 - MrSteven S, County Durham - Diamond Resorts / GVC

"We joined GVC in 2002 and now own 15000 points. We are wanting get out of our contract and also see if there is a case of mis-selling. Thank you, Steven."

12th November 2016 - Mr Paul E, North Yorkshire - Anfi Group

"I have 3 contracts, 2 in perpetuity and one 50 year contract but with no start or end date. In all purchases I have had to pay a deposit on the day. All are dated after 2000."

11th November 2016 - Mrs C L, County Antrim - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were told the maintenance fee wouldn't go up but this year it's over £1500. We also thought you could book holidays from the brochure/website but the ones in England are impossible to book. We currently have a lake district holiday on hold for next year booked through the cessation weeks from another company but had to pay more and it can't even be confirmed until the owner pays next years fees. We would prefer the uk now but there's hardly anything to what we were shown at the start in 2007. Even the place in Cornwall that we liked is closing and when you try to book the other one 2 years in advance its not available. And now we hear 'anyone' can book through last and other websites for the same Spanish holidays as members. Totally fed up and our membership cost over £15,000."

10th November 2016 - MrH S, North Yorkshire - RCI Points

"I purchased RCI points in 2004 (Summer Bay resorts, Orlando) and in 2007 (Sunset Beach Club, Spain). Would like to find out about compensation."

10th November 2016 - Mr Charles H, Devon - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We have held Infiniti points since 2008. We have found the annual charge increasing at well over the rate of inflation. I am now approaching 80 years of age. Initially we were led to believe that they intended to buy more self catering venues in the UK. This has not happened. We were told that Petchey Leisure, as it was then, would buy the points back should we want to get out. We were also told we could exchange via RCI . This has proved virtually impossible. We were not told that RCI would make a charge of over £100 for each exchange. We can no longer affor this. We want out. HELP!"

8th November 2016 - Mr Geoffrey W, Warwickshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Management fees gone up this year by 10%, not happy. New resorts always out of my points range. Tried to sell us fractions, had a valuation of 19000 for the points I own as long as I paid another 20000 for a share of a property - they must be joking! Want to get out altogether as retired now and won't be able to afford fees after this year."

8th November 2016 - MrsPatricia B, Berkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Any help would be appreciated. we can never get holidays as no availability."

7th November 2016 - Ms Jean H - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Own 2 weeks at Sunset Beach club, Benalmadena. Weeks 31 &32 . Extortionate maintenance increase. How can I get out?"

7th November 2016 - Dr Richard P, Suffolk - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"Points bought in Spain 2009, paid with finance (Barclays loan) and trade in of a week bought in Spain in the 90s."

7th November 2016 - Dr Brian F, Lanarkshire - RCI

"The system has failed us on flexibility, as well as the fact that we were told:

a) that the value of the week's would increase
b) that we would be readily able to sell and
c) that maintenance charges would not increase."

7th November 2016 - Mr James S, Dorset - Anfi Group

"We'd like a full refund of our (2012) circa £17K deferred payment contract, maintenance fees and preferably compensation for sharp selling us a bogus 'investment'."

7th November 2016 - Mrs Ann H, Lanarkshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"Conned in to buying 2 fractions and now can't afford the maintenance."

7th November 2016 - Mr Derek J, Suffolk - RCI Points

"Believe it is a points scheme although we had to buy into a apartment in Tenerife which is converted to points plus buy additional points to give us 43,500."

6th November 2016 - Ms, M R, Herefordshire - RCI

"I have bought my timeshare only last July in Mexico with Sunset Club Resort. They are a member of RCI. I have been misrepresented about timeshare. I was told that it is an investment. They never gave me time to think about it, they said I needed to agree right there and then as the discounted offer and the bonus weeks wouldn't be there after that day. They took my deposit also that day. I was never informed about a cooling-off period. Only learned about it when reading about timeshares in the Internet. Please help me get my money back and to get out of it completely."

5th November 2016 - Mr L C - Crown Resorts & Diamond Resorts

"I have points with Crown Resorts and also have a timeshare with Grand Vacation/Sunterra then Diamand Resorts. I feel that I was totally mis-sold these timeshares.

4th November 2016 - Mr John D - Diamond Resorts Fractional

"Have fractions and been advised we have been mis-sold"

3rd November 2016 - Ms Tracy O - RCI Points

"My father has been on this points scheme for years. He seems to get 2 bills every year, 1 for management fees and the other for upkeep or some-thing. He is in his 70s and can't afford it anymore. He has tried to book holidays in the past but never seems to be able to get them, so he has not even used the points for years. Can you please give us some advice on how to get out of this scheme?"

1st November 2016 - Mr David C, Lincolnshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"Initially we purchased a week at Thurnham Hall. We were told that we own a part of the Hall and if it was ever sold we would get a percentage of the value. This did not happen and we have been passed on multiple times to new companies, whom each time told us that our timeshare was worthless and we needed to transfer into their scheme at a cost. Each time we did not pay and after a period of time was transferred automatically. Our maintenance fees were guaranteed not to increase by more than the rate of inflation, this was not honoured. Additional sinking fund demands have been made and paid."

1st November 2016 - Mrs Karen B, Pontypool - Anfi Group

"We have a floating week in Anfi we have an 'in perpetuity' contract and we paid a deposit on the day have we got any chance of ending this contract and claiming compensation we have had years of being invited to 'breakfast' in order to persuade us to change to points at further cost, even being called a dinosaur because I refused."

1st November 2016 - Mrs Vicki C - MacDonald Resorts

"Have been left a timeshare in my Grandma's will, she had not used it for at least 10 years due to being very poorly and in a home. How do I get rid of it as I have been told I can't."

1st November 2016 - Mr B P - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We just signed up in August 2016 after being locked into an all morning plus afternoon conference. First payment made in October now we want way out please help. Haven't informed CLC yet. They gave us 500 points free holiday for Tenerife but apparently there is no 2 bedroom available for family of 4, and is never available. Feels disgusting. Pls help and advise. Desperate... can't afford and don't want kids to have to carry this on"

1st November 2016 - Mr Roddy H, Greater London - Westgate Resorts

"Felt conned into buying, now tied to a maintenance charge for ever.. feel totally misled."

1st November 2016 - Mr Ewan S, Angus - Anfi Group

"Looking to get rid of my timeshare, and, am finding it difficult to get out. Its with ANFI, every second year, we were told at the time that they would help us sell it in future if required, not true. It is also one of these perpetuity things, that passes onto my family on my passing. What can I do ?"

31st October 2016 - Mrs Lynn F, Suffolk - Diamond Resorts Points

"We were originally with Sunterra then became Diamond Resorts. Tried to get out but they offered no help and told us we just have to keep up the payments. We just want to walk away, but can we do this without being chased for money?

31st October 2016 - Mrs Heather D, Stirlingshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I want to pursue Club La Costa for mis-selling the product and get money back and interest and terminate contract."

28th October 2016 - Mrs P G, Essex - Radisson Blu & Spa Blue Sands, Malta

"We have paid for 2 units in 2007 under the understanding that it will double in price and generate rental income of £1500 a week. Now I am being told that price depreciates and despite paying 2 years running the fee of £100 to their sales department I am being told that no-one want to pay the price I am asking. Shambles and lies that all I have heard from them. I hope you will be able to help."

27th October 2016 - Mrs Cheryl C, Cheshire - Anfi Group

"Was pressured into buying weeks in Anfi after going there for a visit with a rep. After a hard sell by Anfi I agreed to a taster. Anfi staff tried to get us to drink cava wine during the hard sell. I paid a deposit via credit card, a contract was made by them and I paid the remainder of 2,295.00 in August 2009 once we returned home from Gran Canaria. We got to spend one week in Anfi and I was never able to secure any further holidays with Anfi. Purchase date was 11/6/09. Deposit was paid on the day. Please let me know if I can claim the above sum back? Kind regards, Cheryl"

26th October 2016 - Mrs L H - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"With GVC, then DRI, now Apollo. Have fractional and points. Rising maintenance and we were mis-advised re fractions."

25th October 2016 - Mr Graham M - Anfi Group

"The contract says it is for an unlimited period. Finance was signed for on the day of signing the timeshare contract. I would like to know if we can have the contract annulled."

25th October 2016 - Ms S H, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Pressured into buying a timeshare in Spain back in 2009, completely misled and worried about debt collectors turning up at my door one day…"

24th October 2016 - Mrs Tracie M, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We are locked in with CLC and really want out. Our fees rise annually and like others we are unable to book what we want when we want. As well as rising annual maintenance fees we have to pay the loan for fractional ownership and £200.00 every time we want to book a holiday."

24th October 2016 - Mrs U, North Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought points in 2003 told that in 2053 all properties would be sold and we would be given share of profits! It was sold to us as good investment for our children! Then in 2013 we were told the only way out was to buy fractional.. Feel totally exploited!"

24th October 2016 - Ms Mary B - Silverpoint/Resort Properties

"Spent over £20,000 in 2006 in Tenerife for 5 timeshares. It was a complete scam."

18th October 2016 - Mr Richard F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Looking for options to release from CLC contract and receive a refund towards the original investment made."

17th October 2016 - Mrs Kate B - Marriott Vacation Club

"Purchased Marriot timeshare one week (silver) in 2010, believed we had been mis sold and despite ongoing correspondence back and forth, we were unsuccessful in getting a refund. Please can you advise how I can go about disposing of it? Our purchase price was £14,000 for a 3 bed villa, Club Son Antem, Majorca. Thank you for your assistance in advance. Kate"

17th October 2016 - Mr Derek E, Devon - Crown Resorts/Diversified

"I had to pay £1000 on the day of the first meeting to an agreement through a Spanish company that was non refundable."

16th October 2016 - Mr Stephen S, Gloucestershire - Anfi Group

"The rep actually took my wife to the bank to get the money for the deposit immediately after we signed the contract!"

14th October 2016 - Mr & Mrs M - WimPen Leisure/Ona Group

"£4000 Deposit paid on £16000 contract, 2 floating weeks plus 1 bonus week. Lost job due to injury at work contract. Paid up balance by year 2000 at £300 per month timeshare contract in perpetuity. Purchased in Spain"

14th October 2016 - Mrs Patricia N, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I just want free from the whole contract... paid out so far 100's of pounds and nothing to show for it ..... I just want out I don't want compensation, just a clean break"

13th October 2016 - Mrs Lisa B, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought into this years ago and it gets more expensive each yr"

13th October 2016 - Miss Michelle M - RCI Points

"(1) We weren't told about points. (2) We weren't told the cooling off period before it was too late. (We had 5 days while we were on holiday and we didn't read our contract while on holiday as we were enjoying it). (3) Our finances changed whilst on the holiday when we signed up for RCI. (4) Just seen all the bad reviews on our return from holiday. So what sounded a good deal wasn't in the contract!"

13th October 2016 - Ms M L, Dorset - Westgate

"My husband and I owned a Westgate timeshare. Then we were told that the original timeshare was no longer a Westgate timeshare, so we were no longer entitled to Westgate membership benefits as we knew them. We were encouraged to buy our 2nd timeshare with Westgate, thinking we had two different timeshares with different benefits, but turns out that this information was wrong, so we now have 2 timeshares. I have been trying to sell them and I have already spent around £500 to UK resale company with no results."

12th October 2016 - Mrs Gina H, Kent - MacDonald Resorts

"It's regarding my parents who have a week in Wales in march she is 94 this year he is 81. They can't get there any more out of it"

11th October 2016 - Ms H D, West Midlands - Silverpoint

"Have a fixed week at Hollywood mirage which was sold to us in the early 1990's. Was transferred to me as part of divorce settlement in 2003. Would like to get rid of it and have been wanting to do it for a number of years. What are my options?"

10th October 2016 - Mr Martin O, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Points owner since 2000. Thoroughly disillusioned and no way out."

10th October 2016 - Mr Ronald M - Moness Country Club

"Moness Country Club is changing from timeshare weeks to a points system. Those not wishing to change are being offered to remain timeshare owners, although the timeshare club is being dissolved, and are ""threatened"" with being liable for any debts on the dissolution. To date there are no audit accounts and no details of any potential liabilities. We are being forced to make a decision by 14 October (this Friday). I seek your advice. In short I wish to dissolve my membership and walk away without any comeback."

10th October 2016 - Mr Robert S, Fife - Moness Country Club

"Can we be forced into the points system? Have been told if we don't go to the points system we will be liable to any debts incurred."

10th October 2016 - Mrs A C, Lanarkshire - Silverpoint

"I'm sure I have been mis-sold, its just been lie after lie."

10th October 2016 - Ms Liese C - RCI Floating Weeks

"Please help - this situation is a nightmare- we need to get out of this mis sold contract."

8th October 2016 - Mrs Amanda M - RCI Weeks

"Just want to know how to get out of it as not what I thought and not easy to book holiday with them"

5th October 2016 - Miss Michelle D, Cheshire - Anfi Group

"I have heard that there have been rulings against Anfi and they have acted illegally in their selling if timeshares. I am concerned as I have been advised that they have sold to another company who want to turn the resort into hotels."

5th October 2016 - Mrs K G, Wiltshire - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We have Atlas points which are not giving us what we thought we bought and want to get rid of them asap."

4th October 2016 - Mr Paul G, Staffordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am interested to know how I may dispose of the Club La Costa Timeshare, which I understand is subject to a Court ruling. "

4th October 2016 - Mrs M G - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I am tired of not being able to use points, it being cheaper to just rent a room via the internet. Lie after lie each time I talk to DRI, how do we get out?"

1st October 2016 - Mrs Jo-Anne G - RCI Floating Weeks

"We are owners with the Starwood Group. We are also with Interval International. We purchased our timeshare back in 2001 but have become extremely disillusioned with the system, we have been unable to secure any form of exchange outside of the USA for the past 6 years due to no availability. We would like to be rid of this financial ball & chain. The annual maintenance fees have more than tripled. We gave been advised that it would be extremely difficult to get out of this system. Can you help us please?"

29th September 2016 - Mrs A F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I just need to get out of my membership. I simply can not afford it anymore due to changes in my financial circumstances. Can you please help."

27th September 2016 - Mr C M, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"DRI would not let us cancel 3 years ago we told them we wanted nothing more to do with them as what we had been sold did not fit the needs we were promised by them and the management fees went up to £1500 but we could not get to where we would like to go. We have just received a bill for £5073.04 from a debt recovery agency. what is our next move?"

25th September 2016 - Mr Andrew S, Tyne & Wear - Anfi Group

"Please advise on 299 year contract from 2006 with Anfi. 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment on a fixed week contract, plus they charged us £1,000 for the clerical fees for an upgrade. Also we had their finance at a high rate interest."

24th September 2016 - Mrs Sue W, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Club la Costa has become a real burden, we were pressured into the initial membership and get hounded whenever (not often) we take a holiday."

19th September 2016 - Mrs M - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We own a week, which is ceded to points and wish just to let it go. How would we go about this?"

15th September 2016 - Ms Sonya J, West Yorkshire - WimPen / Ona Group

"I am acting on my father's behalf. He bought the timeshare for 3 weeks on 03/07/1996 as a joint purchase with his late wife both names are on the deeds. Is it possible to cancel this contract and gain any compensation?"

13th September 2016 - Mr David R, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We joined under the old Sunterra brand and then without any info found this had been taken over by Diamond Resorts and now DR has been taken over, again with no notification to members. We have always struggled to get the place we want and have also found we can book via other agencies for resorts and locations supposed to be DR members only and cheaper! Very disillusioned,unhappy with the whole thing not least the very high management fees and unable to get what we want when we want it - very far removed from what we were originally told and want out."

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